No More Broken Wings


Dropping in with a quick note

It has been brought to my attention that my website link is posted on the website for Protective Mother's Alliance owned and operated by Janice Levinson using famed DV expert Lundy Bancroft's name and works (with his permission). I want to state to the readers of my blog that due to recent actions taken by Levinson and others affiliated with her and her group and as of this morning condoned by Bancroft, that I do not and never have support Levinson nor PMA.

At one time I had a very high level of respect for Bancroft but that has completely disipated in light of his blind support of Levinson in her attempt to smear several protective mother's good names in what I perceive to be a voyage to notoriety, power, fame, glory and monetary gain by Levinson. My respect for Bancroft has disinigrated to nothing at this point and i am saddened when I see what was once a solid record of teamwork between the different groups apparently being destroyed by one woman and what appears to be callous greed.

I do not support PMA, Bancrift or Levinson and would caution anyone visiting this blog to either run as fast as they can away from any affiliation with them or to proceed with EXTREME caution as you could be the next one Levinson attempts to destroy.
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